How to Draw Baby Captain America | Child Education
How to Draw Baby Captain America | Child Education
How to Draw Baby Captain America | Child Education


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Hay guys it is vanessa
we will draw and colouring some pictures

today we’re gonna draw baby captain america

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Now, let’s prepare some stuff to draw

First, draw a circle as his head, and some accessories to his helmet or mask
Draw his eyes, his two eyes
Draw an A symbols that means America
and now his mouth

now we move on to the body

dont forget to draw his shield
and a star on it

let’s colouring

it’s BLUE
we use blue to colouring his head


and his body also, we use blue
now give blue to his shield

it’s RED
give red to his gloves
to his shield

be careful
don’t make it out of line

and now his shoes

it’s BLACK
you can use black to colour his eyes
some part of his body

it’s CREAM
use cream on his ears
his eyes
and his mouth

it’s WHITE
it’s RED

And now draw the line using a pencil

You can use a pencil, or a marker

So guys, tell your mom that you love baby captain america so much, and your mom will teach you about it

we can learn many things about captain america

wow it’s great

we make it bold

this picture is made by Vanessa day care

it’s finish now

Good bye

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How to Draw Baby Captain America | Child Education

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